Welcome to CCLCUK 2021

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Welcome and Introductions

Jane Thomas
Managing Director at Call North West and SWCCF


Welcome and introductions.

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Contact Centre Game Changers in 2021

Rob Mukherjee
Director of Transformation at EveryCloud UK


  • Understand why 2021 is the year to master the mix of technology and humanity – and how to go about it
  • Identify the key EX investments that improve CX
  • Start harnessing the number 1 factor that is re-shaping the CX industry
  • Get practical tips on meeting your customers’ digital expectations

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Workplace of the Future

Richard Beaven
Chief Operating Officer at Brightside Group


  1. Research and understand Generation Alpha
  2. Rethink what makes great leaders in your business
  3. Think about how technology is not the threat but the opportunity

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People Engagement in a Hybrid Home/Office Workplace

Paul Whymark
Chief Operating Officer at Sensée


  1. Discover what employees – and employers – think are today’s biggest contact centre People Engagement issues
  2. Hear 10 Tips on how to improve employee satisfaction in a hybrid world
  3. Learn from Sensée’s 16 years’ experience of managing a 100% homeworking operation
  4. Discover why the Team Leader role is so important to successful homeworking

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Predictions for a Post-Pandemic Contact Centre Workforce

Katy Forsyth
Co-Owner and Director at Red Recruitment


  • Understand what agents want from the industry in 2021 and beyond
  • Rethink what makes a great contact centre agent for the future
  • Think about how your centre can better attract and retain agent talent
  • Consider how to futureproof your centre for the maturing Gen Z agent population

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Proactive Interactions Overtakes Reactive Interactions

Donna Czyzewski
Head of Customer Contact Centres at IAG (International Airlines Group)


  • Understand what the world of Customer Experience will look like in 2025
  • Identify areas of focus that organisations could be considering
  • Recognise how Colleagues in a remote environment can add value to your brand and culture

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Understanding the Customer of the Future

Will Carson
Director of Market Engagement at Ascensos


  • What do we see in retail that we expect will drive change in all areas of customer management
  • What are the 21st Century customer behaviours we will need to accommodate and why
  • Where are the disconnects today and how do we resolve them

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Positioning the Contact Centre as a Strategic Asset

Ben Lyons
Senior Operations Leader at Coop


  • How Co-op Business Services mobilised a vulnerable customer service proposition within 5 days
  • Tuning into changing consumer behaviours and evolving our service models
  • Delivering industry leading people engagement results

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Live Q&A Session

All speakers
at 4pm


CCLC will conclude with a LIVE! Speakers Q&A session   
Ask the speakers your points in this interactive session.

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In an ever-changing world, join us for a unique opportunity for contact centre leaders across the UK to collaborate and share best practice and industry insight. A full programme will deliver industry insight and best practice at the UK's leaders event of the year. Get set to be the best you and your business can be.

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